Be grateful for this day

Be grateful for this day

Blog posts often deal with problems. They answer questions. Questions are often linked to having a problem that needs to be solved. Your blog posts are more approachable if your readers can relate to the problem your post is giving an answer to.

Isn’t this a gloomy thought? I’ve noticed that unfortunately people often process things through problems and negativity. We often compare our inner cons to outer pros. People want to be celebrities because they only see the good sides in the lives of rock and movie stars. Comparing these good sides to your own grievances creates a false curtain behind which it is easy to hide and wait for a better life.

We all think of ourself and our future. Some more often, some less. We all do it in a different way but we all do it nonetheless. When thinking about your future, how often do you reflect on your past – on what you could’ve done differently?

Crying yourself to sleep over a skipped school day or poor sales that you had two weeks ago will surely not make tomorrow a better day. Think from another perspective. What can you be grateful for? Are you surrounded by friends whose company you enjoy? What things do you have that would’ve made your day worse if you lacked them?

As much as I’m fascinated by different people’s ways of acting and thinking, I can’t help wondering how often people ill-treat their own self-esteem with negative thoughts. I don’t mean that you should shut down every negative matter in your life without giving them place. However, I dare to claim that if you use half of the time you normally spend on worrying on being positive, a lot more happiness could be achieved.

Are you feeling down? Call a friend to have some coffee with you. Do you need some alone time? Do something you’ve wanted to do for a long time – paint a painting, shoot a video, compose a song or write a blog post even. Do you regret not reading for a test because you spent that time on hanging with your friends? Think positively: surely you could’ve wasted that time in a much worse way.

I’m writing this post in the library of Vaasa, my old home town. Countless amounts of busy people flock around me. Young, old, all different people. Despite being different they all have a common trait. Nobody’s smiling. Many of them give me a strange look because I’m smiling. My smile catches on some of them though. I hope their day becomes better thanks to it. In the morning I decided that this day will be great for me.

Dare to be happy. Dare to admit the things that make you happy. Do the things you truly like. Speak openly about the things you enjoy. Happiness is contagious. Don’t neglect this day waiting for a better tomorrow. Make today the better day already.

A lot of people will surely think this post is full humbug. Good. If you disagree, let me know. I want to see things from your perspective.

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