Being blind to your skills

Being blind to your skills

Thinking of a topic for a new blog post took me days. During that time I felt down for not coming up with anything. This in turn led to me feeling like I’m not capable of doing anything I’m supposed to. On the other hand, the biggest reason for this is probably because I’ve spent the whole day alone. Being alone makes me go inside my head too much and coming up with imaginary problems.

I easily forget the things I’m good at, because they’ve become natural to me. For example, I don’t feel being better than average at singing or image processing, because I’ve practiced these things for years already.

Progress can sometimes happen so fast that one doesn’t even recognize it. Filming has always been one of my interests, but I’ve never invested in it properly. However, now that I’ve gotten to film more through Sivukonttori, I notice a lot of progress in a short time. (Sivukonttori’s first video compared to the latest).

I wouldn’t necessarily have noticed this progress at this point, if I hadn’t caused a crisis inside my head about my incompetence. Maybe negative thoughts aren’t completely unnecessary after all.

From time to time it’s useful to give yourself a pat on the back for things you are already good at and have already achieved. It’s good to keep your eye on your goals 24/7, of course, but you should never forget how far you’ve come so far.

The end of spring is a stressful time for a lot of people at my age. Applying for a new school, the last exams of the semester or the future plans after graduation cause sleepless nights, an explosive increase in caffeine consumption and premature grey hair. This kind of stress is understandable and even desirable.

In the middle of this stress it’s also desirable to look back to the past year through a positive lens. What did you learn during the last semester? How have you changed as a person? How many new friends have you made?

Even the future can (and should) be thought about positively. What plans do you have for the summer? Festivals? Endless summer nights with friends? Moving to a new city? Or maybe you’re spending your summer working. Think about all the new and great things that the next year will bring.

Therefore, this is my request to all the coffee engines hiding their eye bags – the young people worrying about their future: Think for a moment about all you’ve achieved. After that, imagine how much you can still accomplish. There’s an unimaginable amount of potential in all of us – let’s not use it on faulting ourselves.

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