Pessimists betray themselves

Pessimists betray themselves

As an ultra-optimist it’s always been hard for me to relate with pessimists. “This isn’t going to work even if I try.” “I need inspiration to get anything done.” We have all heard these phrases at some point. A lot of us may often have used these phrases as well.

Can you not get anything done? Is there a blank paper in front of you that you should fill with innovations? Have you run into a creative block? Is your prior, almost tangible enthusiasm turned into a complete lack of motivation?

Creative professionals: if lack of inspiration is your biggest worry, you’re doing fine. You can achieve something new only by doing something new. Inspiration usually is found when you’ve already tried something once. Or twice. Or seven times.

If you need to write, start writing. If you need to draw, grab the pen and start sketching. If you need to compose, start strumming that guitar.

What’s the worst that could happen? The end result may not please you, but in the worst case you’ve used your time–instead of idling and negative thinking–on something you like. Dare to embrace the things that are challenging.

Earlier I wrote about pretending to yourself. If your inner pessimist says you can’t succeed even if you try, don’t believe it. It will take you nowhere. Are you sure you’re not just lying to yourself to stay in your comfort zone? Staying in your comfort zone is safe, but you can achieve something new only by taking risks.

What are you afraid of? Are you scared of being laughed at if you fail? Believe me, other people are busy enough with their own problems. You must not be ashamed of daring and trying. Admit your challenges and grasp them.

The difference between a professional and an amateur is that a professional can create something new even without inspiration. An amateur whines about nothing happening. Get yourself together and smile. You are good in what you do if you just believe in yourself.

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