Market research & funding


Market research

Planning a market research

  • Defining the market position & competition
  • Defining the objectives & scope
  • Defining the indicators & methods
  • Defining the frame of reference
  • Creating a call for tenders


Executing a market research

  • Finding the sources & resources
  • Mid-term review to ensure the usefulness of the research
  • Creating a full & formal report for possible funders
  • Providing the results in a usable form


Providing strategic recommendations

  • Reflecting the research results to the existing strategy
  • Evaluating the strategy with established tools
  • Adjusting the existing business strategy
  • Compressing the strategy into tangible actions

Applying for funding

Exploring eligibility for public funding

  • Evaluating the chance of getting Ely or Tekes-funding
  • Researching the necessary affiliations
  • Researching meeting the funding criteria
  • Recommending the amount & allocation of the applied funding


Producing an application for funding

  • Producing a project plan
  • Defining objects & actions
  • Planning allocation of expenditure
  • Creating a formal application


Tendering out & choosing a service provider

  • Tendering out service providers
  • Providing a comparison of the service providers
  • Recommendations for choosing the service provider