Sivukonttori Lightroom Preset Pack 2

Sivukonttori Lightroom Preset Pack 2

Time for another free preset pack! This pack has a few vintage-style presets, and a couple of all-purpose ones that should go with almost every photo with a few tweaks.

If you missed the first preset pack, you can check and download it here! Like with the last pack, most of these presets will probably require some fiddling around, depending on your original photo.

Alright, onto the presets!

This preset is great for keeping the original style of the photo, but adding a little punch of colour to it.

This one’s for the fans of low contrast and saturation. Hipsterrific but not too happy.

This preset makes your image look just like the title says: moody. Especially great for images with a cloudy sky.

Alright, more vintage filters! This one is about as classic as you can get. Desaturated colours with a hint of brown.

This preset utilizes the classic combination of cyan and orange.

If you want a dreamy photo without losing credibility, this is your go-to preset.

I use these presets a lot on my own photos. If you try them out, show me the results and let me know what you think!.

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