As much as I enjoy making plans and being organized, I also love being spontaneous and deciding on things in a blink of an eye. So when Tommi was leaving to a meeting in Stockholm, I decided to go with him. The idea came to me at 1 am, half an hour before Tommi was scheduled to hop behind the wheel. Because why not?

So we drove throughout the night, and when Tommi was in his meeting I had the city for myself. This is what Stockholm looked like in my eyes: urban and (c)old.

(The photos have been edited using Heikki’s Lightroom presets. Check them out and stay tuned cause there’s more to come.)

One of my favorite moments of the day was when I found this Pikachu hat. Tommi immediately, of course, snatched it for himself. The sunglasses complete the style.

Nice, huh? But I have to admit, Göteborg is more to my liking.

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