The role of a multi-talent

The role of a multi-talent

If you’ve ever struggled with job-hunting, think of what you could offer to your workplace aside from what’s in the job description. Nowadays you cannot anymore just recite all the reasons why you’d be the right person for one particular job. Telegraphing a broadly skilled picture leaves a sweeter taste, not just for you, but also for the employer.

This is what multi-talented people do. The more jobs one person in your team can receive and take responsibility for, the better your team’s results will be with fewer resources. When you distribute tasks evenly with people talented in multiple fields, a 4-person team can easily be worth more than a team of 40 people.

My skills vary from music to graphic design and from IT to social skills. This in combination with my ability to learn new things quickly has enabled me to help our team in almost anything.

Being multi-talented doesn’t mean that one has to be highly educated. After high school, I decided to do what I love. I decided to get better by practice and I decided to let my skills speak for themselves. When I found people who shared my ideals, I knew this is what I really want.

Having various tasks and responsibilities is often challenging but it ensures that no day is the same. If you are a marketer but also well versed in coding, you could program applications to speed up bulk tasks that otherwise require lots of manual labour. If you’re a designer but know how to produce music, combining these skills together is an amazing asset.

Being multi-talented means that you have to know yourself and be disciplined. Utilizing multiple talents while simultaneously keeping them up to date requires time management and organization, which are appreciated skills themselves. While doing this it is worth remembering to focus mostly on what you really like doing. Otherwise you might find yourself in a situation where the uninteresting takes over the enjoyable.

The future is uncertain but that’s the best thing. I can’t wait to see what the coming months, weeks or even days will bring. I will lay my strengths out in the open and hone the skills I believe in.

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Heikki is the 'can-do' implementer that every workplace needs. His background as a touring musician shows in his ability to adopt new roles and tasks like a working class chameleon. Heikki has the organizational skills of a project manager combined with working efficiency of a teenager boosted by an energy drink. If you’ve found yourself in a situation where too many tasks are assigned to “somebody”, you will need one Heikki in your team.

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