Using my free time productively

Using my free time productively

Because I haven’t written in the blog for a while, it’s relevant to tell what I’ve been doing recently. I’ve spent most of my free time learning new things, and producing music has been my way of spending hours for almost all of this spring.

Lo-fi and its sub-genre lo-fi hip hop is an up and coming genre that many content creators (vloggers, livestreamers, youtubers) use as background music for their content. Nowadays there are many 24/7 livestreams that play lo-fi hip hop. Thousands of people listen to these streams while doing work, school work or just to relax. As an instrumental based and minimalistic genre it is very fitting for background music. I got into this genre last year and now I’ve really caught on producing this type of music myself.

Why lo-fi, though? I always listen to music while working or doing other things that require concentration. After getting introduced to the lo-fi scene, I quickly noticed that it’s the perfect soundtrack for getting myself in the mood for doing creative work. That and the fact that it’s also perfect as a background music for many kinds of videos inspired me to try to produce it myself.

The background music of the Sivukonttori-videos are my tracks, influenced by lo-fi. Nevertheless, only recently I’ve felt like I’ve grasped how to really produce, mix and master lo-fi hip hop songs, or simply beats, as they’re usually called in the scene.

I always upload my creations onto my SoundCloud channel. These tracks will surely be heard in our future videos. If you have any questions or you’re interested in this kind of background music for your content, hit me up with a message either on SoundCloud or on Twitter.

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