Way Out West 2017

Way Out West 2017

This is my first time being at a festival abroad. And as usual when abroad, a lot of things are different from Finland. For example, in Way Out West the whole festival area is one big licensed area and almost the whole field of Slottskogen is covered with protective plastic sheets. The entirety of the area has also been decorated very, very beautifully – or mysigt as they say in Sweden – and credit cards work everywhere. Cash isn’t even accepted.

A local hamburger chain has built a pop-up restaurant on-site where food is ordered via an automatic dispenser. The Swedish railways offers free coffee and if you just want to chill in between shows, you can sit down on retro and vintage chairs that are scattered all over the area.

There’s just one downside in all of this however. Way Out West lacks a festival atmosphere. Tuska festival – held in Helsinki – was once criticized for the same thing: people came there to show there faces and the music was completely secondary. This is the hipster version of it.

To me Way Out West shows itself as a festival of the rich. The atmosphere is casually Swedish, but dull. Many much waited artists have left a lot of room for improvement and the festival goers have done that even more so.

Fortunately, taking photos saves any situation. I took up photography when I was 14, and I’ve never been in a dull situation with a camera in hand. Photography also saved my Way Out West.

#WOWGBG, if you please. By the way, the photos have been edited with Heikki’s Lightroom presets. The link to them are at the end of this post.

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