When everyone is medium, media becomes mediocre

When everyone is medium, media becomes mediocre

The majority of online content is complete crap. Coincidental weekend bloggers produce irregular and inconsistent chaff. Companies tout and push their soulless product information. This is of course a rough generalization but holds a grain of truth: good content is as rare as the dodo.

We decided to spark off an open online diary and test lab. During the following 12 months we will investigate what impact a quality blog has on one's professional desirability. We will be serving you, but for a selfish reason.

The four of us have digital footprints of different sizes. Our strengths and starting levels in communication vary too. But from a professional point of view we all share the same attribute: all of us have something to give people in our respective fields. We believe that when our professional everyday here in Gothenburg is served in an attractive form, it will be interesting for outsiders too.

Needless to say we also want to be visible. We’re not running a charity but a business. We have ambitious growth targets and we will act and communicate accordingly.

Because of our relatively established customer base we haven’t had the need to do traditional sales and marketing. Owing to our good reputation even most of our new customers take the initiative. So far this has been good enough.

Nevertheless we understand the importance of visibility and transparency in working life now and in the future. We are a specialist organization. And no specialist term will last if one doesn’t internalize the magnitude that sales and communication has on the whole organization.

On this basis we set our two targets. Firstly, we will publicly be scrutinizing our professional selves and progress. Secondly, we will make our know-how public and thus available for those in need.

Haters gonna hate. For them we sincerely wish lots of surströmming. For the rest of you we will shamelessly give our best. Every. Frigging. Time.

Hanna Tuulonen


Tommi Hermunen
Heikki Haahkala
Oula Halonen

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Hanna Tuulonen

Hanna believes that without information there can be no understanding and without understanding there can be no acceptance or improvement. She has worked as an editor-in-chief since 2014 and is now EIC for Finnish Conscripts Union. She has a Bachelor's degree in Journalism and Communication with subsidiary subjects in Administrative Studies and Business Studies and is now studying investigative journalism as a masters student in the University of Gothenburg.


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